January 25, 2018

Refreshing, light, and salmon colored with bright red fruits and a touch of residual sugar.

Daily Wine 1/24/18:

Patrick Bottex – La Cueille – Méthode Ancestrale – Bugey-Cerdon – NV

  • This wine is a rare hidden gem of France that I will be sharing with you today. It is a rosé sparkling wine produced from 80% Gamay and 20% Poulsard in the Cerdon cru of Bugey within Savoie.
  • Bugey lies at a crossroads geographically with Jura, Burgundy, and the Rhône.
  • Wines in Bugey were first cultivated by the Romans, then medieval monks, and then the French.
  • Cerdon is one of three crus within Bugey.
  • La Cueille is one of seven high-altitude villages surrounding Ponsin and lies above the Ain River.
  • Grapes here were harvested by hand and the carbonation occurs naturally. 
  • Méthode Ancestrale, or the ancestoral method, is the method used for sparkling wines prior to the discovery of the secondary fermentation used more commonly around the world today. No dosage is allowed. The wine only goes through one fermentation and the wine is bottled half-way through before all of the sugars have been fermented.
  • After about two more months the fermentation concludes and the bottle is recorked. 
  • Vines were planted between 1960 and 2010 on limestone and clay soils.
  • Patrick and Catherine Bottex have been farming their five hectares since 1991 and solely produce this wine.
  • This wine’s alcohol is only around 8% and 4,000 cases are produced a year.
  • Pair with burgers, barbeque, and fish.


Patrick Bottex

Click here to learn more!


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