Gaja – Sorì San Lorenzo – Langhe – 1999/ 11-24-17

Powerful and austere with notes of red cherries, roses, truffles, and blood orange.

Daily Wine 11/24/17:

Gaja – Sorì San Lorenzo – Langhe – 1999

  • This wine is dominantly Nebbiolo with a small amount of Barbera grown in the Secondine cru of Barbaresco. The wine has been declassified to Langhe DOC by Angelo to allow more freedom with their winemaking and to add Barbera.
  • This wine was first vinified in 1967, and then released in 1970 along with Gaja’s second cru Sorì Tilden.
  • Sorì San Lorenzo was Gaja’s first single-vineyard wine from Barbaresco and provides quality wine even in mediocre vintages.
  • The Secondine vineyard imparts more potent tannins and this wine can be austere in its youth.
  • Fermentation lasts 12-20 days.
  • Soils are calcareous clay on south facing slopes on the southeastern edge of the Barbaresco area.
  • Since 1996, this wine has been classified as Langhe DOC.
  • Angelo Gaja launched this winery to legendary status and has been the leader in Barberesco production since the 1960’s.
  • He pioneered the vinification of single-vineyards wines in Barbaresco. Well over fifty vineyards exist within the region.
  • Angelo’s daughter, Gaia Gaja, is involved in every aspect of the business and will eventually fully take over.
  • The family also produces Chardonnay (Gaia & Rey), Sauvignon Blanc (Alteni di Brassica), Merlot (Ca’Marcanda), Cabernet Sauvignon (Darmagi), a few Sangiovese wines from Brunello di Montalcino, Vin Santo style wines, a new venture in Sicily, and others.
  • Pair this with buttered pasta and truffles.

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