Daily Wine 11/10/2017

Floral, complex, and bright with great minerality and acidity. White peaches, yellow apples, and thyme.

Daily Wine 11/10/17:

Domaine Ostertag – Fronholz – Muscat – Epfig – 2004

  • This wine is 100% Muscat Ottonel from the Fronholz vineyard in the town of Epfig in Alsace of northeastern France.
  • Vines are over forty years old and grown on soils composed of white sand, quartz, clay, and marl.
  • Domaine Ostertag only has 0.3 hectares of Muscat Ottonel, but has 14.4 hectares total broken up into over 80 separate plots.
  • The Fronholz vineyard is located on the top and the southwest slopes of the hill of Epfig and gives wines minerality, firm acidity, and elegant aromas.
  • Ostertag means “Easter day,” and their coat of arms shows the Easter lamb carrying a battle flag.
  • Domaine Ostertag was founded in 1966 and is run by André Ostertag and farms biodynamically.
  • Alsatian territory has been handed back-and-forth by the French and Germans and influences of both are very noticeable here.
  • The Vosges Mountains provides a rain shadow effect of the winegrowing region.
  • Pair with fish and salads.

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