Daily Wine 10/12/2017

20171010_154235 (1)
Well-integrated and mirroring aromas and flavors of both ripe and dried red cherries, mushrooms, apricot, and smoke. Big, rich, and intense with silky, but noticeable, tannin for Pinot Noir.

Daily Wine 10/12/17:

Domaine de Courcel – Le Grand Clos des Épenots – Premier Cru – Pommard – 2005

  • This wine is 100% Pinot Noir from the Le Grand Clos des Épenots Premier Cru climat within the village of Pommard in the Côte de Beaune of Burgundy in France.
  • This climat is a 4.89 hectare monopole vineyard in the north of Pommard at the beginning of the slope and faces east.
  • The soil here is rich in clay and limestone with a depth of around 40-60cm and provides great drainage.
  • Vines here are about sixty years old.
  • The Domaine de Courcel is a 400 year old family winery located in Pommard, too. Its current owners are the decendents of the founders, three sisters and one brother.
  • The estate is managed by Anne Bommelaer and Marie de Courcel.
  • Pommard is four kilometers south-east of Beaune, the most important city and center of commerce in Burgundy.
  • In all, the family owns about 10.5 hectares and 50% of their production if from the Le Grand Clos des Épenots vineyard.
  • Annual production is around 30,000 bottles.
  • Other appellations and vineyards include: Le Rugiens, Les Frémiers, and Les Croix Noires. The estate also produces Bourgogne level Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.
  • Pommard is one of the few villages within the Côte de Beaune to only allow the production of red wines.
  • Pair this with duck, chicken, and squab.

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