Daily Wine 10/9/2017

Intense, rich, and elegant with a bouquet of apple, almond, and citrus. The flavors match the aromas with complex fruit and powerful citrus length. 

Daily Wine 10/9/17:

Raccaro – Vigna del Rolat – Friulano – Collio – 2015

  • This wine is 100% Friulano from the Collio DOC of Friuli-Venezia Giulia in northeastern Italy.
  • The Friulano grows on local Ponka soils that allow for great drainage. Ponka (also, Ponca or flish), is a friable stony, marny, and sandy mix created by many years of mountain erosion and fossilized sea creatures.
  • Rolat is a steep hillside vineyard that is trained to an inverted guyot style to maximize the amount of sunlight and wind influence to the vines during the growing season.
  • In 1928, Dario Raccaro’s grandfather bought the farm at the foothills of Monte Quarin, just outside of Cormons (a major village within the region).
  • During the 1960’s, Dario’s father began to concentrate on winemaking and Dario took over in the eighties.
  • Dario is the president of the Enoteca di Cormons, a pact of local wine producers to promote the wines of Collio.
  • Raccaro produced approximately 27,000 bottles a year from just 5 hectares.
  • This Vigna del Rolat vineyard has been planted and replanted a number of times since the 900’s. This vineyard produces about 10,000 bottles a year and is one of the best white wines in Italy.
  • Collio is right next to the Solvenian border.
  • This wine spends six months aging in stainless steel only.
  • The average vine age is 30.
  • Pair this with fish, salads, and proscuitto.

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