Daily Wine 10/7/2017

Deep and concentrated with jammy blackberries, cherries, chocolate and plums. Potent tannins and sweet spices.

Daily Wine 10/7/17:

Dal Forno Romano – Monte Lodoletta – Valpolicella Superiore – 2008

  • This wine is a blend of 70% Corvina and Corvina Grossa, 20% Rondinella, 5% Croatina, and 5% Oseleta from the Valpolicella DOC of Veneto in northeastern Italy.
  • Soils here originate from alluvial plains, composed of 70% gravel, 15% silt, and 15% clay.
  • Fermentation takes place in temperature controlled steel tanks with automated punchdowns for fifteen days.
  • Maturation takes place in new barriques for 36 months and 24 more months in bottle.
  • Since the 2002 vintage, Dal Forno Romano has all grapes subjected to a light drying process to concentrate the grapes and achieve an optimal balance.
  • Romano Dal Forno was born in 1957 in the village of Capovilla, which is situated near Illasi where the winery is situated. Here, wine is a philosophy of life and not just a product. The family has nurtured their vineyards for almost four generations.
  • At 22 years of age, Romano met Giuseppe Quintarelli, a legend in Venetian winemaking. Giuseppe opened Romano’s eyes to a new way of planting vines and producing the wines.
  • 1983 was the first year that the winery produced their first great results: from this year onward, 22 vintages of Amarone and 25 vintages of Valpolicella Superiore have been produced.
  • The winery was renovated in 1990.
  • This wine was selected as the Best Wine of Italy by the “Best Italian Wine Awards”.
  • Monte Lodoletta is a celebrated vineyard within the region.
  • Pair this with beef, game, and cheese.

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