Daily Wine 9/18/2017

Golden-amber in color with a complex bouquet of preserved citrus, roasted nuts, and cream.

Daily Wine 9/18/17:

La Castellada – Ribolla Gialla – Collio – 2001

  • This wine is 100% Ribolla Gialla from the Collio DOC within Friuli-Venezia Giulia of northeastern Italy.
  • Ribolla Gialla is an indigenous varietal to the region and is at its best when grown here.
  • Vines average from 20-45 years old and grow on soils of predominantly clay and marl with sandstone sediments known locally as Ponca. Vineyards sit at about 190 meters above sea level.
  • The grapes are completely destemmed and then macerated in large Slavonian oak fermenters with indigenous yeasts for two months.
  • Maturation occurred in big Slavonian oak casks for 24 months before finishing in stainless steel vats.
  • Located in Oslavia, La Castellada is part of a small corner of Collio on the hills surrounding Gorizia, close to the border with Slovenia.
  • Here the terroir is special. Cool and breezy air from the nearby Julian Alps (Giulia) and the warm air from the Adriatic Sea create a microclimate that provides the winemakers the ability ot obtain complex, structured wines with great territorial expression.
  • In 1954, Giuseppe Bensa purchased some plots of land and a house for winemaking and serving guests after returning from Switzerland. In Switzerland, he was working as a carpenter.
  • In 1985, sons Giorgio and Nicolò chose to start bottling the wine and established that “La Castellada” estate. The name comes from one of the Oslavia hills.
  • The estate owns ten hectares of vineyards and half are over fifty years old.
  • Pair this with fish, pasta, and chicken.

Veduta del panorama collinare

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