Daily Wine 9/1/2017

An intensely concentrated and opaque wine with big, rich tannins. At this age, those tannins have diminished, but are still very much there. This can age for another 20-30 years. 

Daily Wine 9/1/17:

Turley – Hayne Vineyard – Petite Syrah – Napa Valley – 1997

  • This wine in dominated by Petite Syrah and blended with a small amount of Zinfandel from the Hayne Vineyard of Altas Peak in Napa Valley.
  • Hayne Vineyard has some of the oldest Petite Syrah vines in the world. The grape once dominated Napa Valley before Cabernet Sauvignon.
  • Turley Wine Cellars makes 34 wines, the vast majority are Zinfandels and Petite Syrahs from single vineyards throughout California.
  • Turley’s single vineyard wines are typically solely from older vines. Younger vines are blended together to make labels like “Juvenile Zinfandel” until the vines reach a respectable age.
  • All of the vineyards are either certified organic or in the process of becoming so.
  • Fermentation uses native yeasts.
  • Otty Hayne planted the Hayne Vineyard in 1953 and all the vines are head-trained and dry-farmed.
  • Turley was started by Larry Turley in 1993 after he sold Frog’s Leap to John Williams.
  • Pair this with heavy, rich meats.

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