Daily Wine 8/14/2017

Delicate and fresh red fruits, smoked herbs, fennel, and wet stones. The structure is dense and long.

Daily Wine 8/14/17:

Alban Vineyards – Pandora – Edna Valley – 2012

  • This is a red Rhone Blend dominated by Grenache from the Edna Valley of California’s Central Coast.
  • The vineyard is the Seymour’s Vineyard and is planted to Syrah and Grenache. The Syrah is used for the wine called Seymour’s and the Grenache is used for Pandora.
  • Pandora is the first woman of Greek mythology and was fashioned out of clay. In the myth, she is handed a vessel that she is instructed not to open. She does and all the world’s challenges are released except the attribute of ‘Hope’ and she resembles the source of hope for mankind.
  • This wine is aged for 34 months in larger French containers of various ages after being feremented by native yeasts.
  • Alban Vineyards was the first American winery to focus solely on the grapes of the Rhone Valley, like Syrah, Grenache, and Viognier.
  • At one time, John propagated 32 of 50 hectares of Viognier in the world unknowingly. This inspired him to help Viognier survive in the world, along with the great Georges Vernay of Condrieu, France.
  • John helped organized Hospice du Rhone, an international celebration of these wines and the largest of its kind.
  • During the existence of Alban Vineyards, California’s Viognier plantings went from 0 to over 2000 acres today; Syrah went from a few hundred to over 17,000. John plans to revive to do the same with Grenache.
  • In Robert Parker’s The World’s Greatest Wine Estates, ten of the 22 wineries included from California made at least one ‘Rhone’ variety and two made them exclusively.
  • Pair this with beef, lamb, and barbecue.


Click here to learn more with their newly updated website!

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