Daily Wine 7/22/2017

A fresh expression of flowers, citrus, stone fruits and underripe apples. 

Daily Wine 7/22/17:

Domaine Georges Vernay – Le Pied de Samson – Viognier – IGP Collines Rhodaniennes – 2014

  • This wine is 100% Viognier from the northern Rhone Valley of France just outside the border of Condrieu.
  • “Le Pied de Samson” translates to “Samson’s foot” and derives from a folklore about a giant, Samson, who bent down to the river to have a drink. The vineyard is said to be a lasting footprint.
  • When establishing the laws for the production in Condrieu, Georges Vernay placed a limit on the altitude permitted under the appellation. This vineyard lies at over 300m above sea level, so it cannot be included in the appellation.
  • Vines are an average of 20 years old and about 10,000 bottles are produced annually.
  • Fermentation takes place in oak vats after static, temperature controlled must settling.
  • Aging takes place in 20hl oak vats on fine lees and the wine is intended for youthful consumption.
  • Georges Vernay is a pioneer in the renewal of the Condrieu appellation and helped save Viognier from extinction.
  • Christine Verney, his daughter, is taking over the production.
  • Pair this with fish, shellfish, and salads.
Christine Vernay
The estate today with the hills of vineyards beyond.
Condrieu, FR

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