Daily Wine 7/19/2017

20170719_111439 (1)
A hazy orange wine with explosive aromatics of fresh orange zest, apricots, and quince. The structure combines tannins with freshness and density.

Daily Wine 7/19/17:

Radikon – Ribolla Gialla – Friuli-Venezia Giulia – 2009

  • This wine is 100% Ribolla Gialla that is grown biodynamically in the town of Oslavja in the Collio of Fruili-Venezia Giulia region of northeastern Italy.
  • The Collio features sloped, terraced vineyards with ‘ponca’ soils of calcarous marl derived from prehistoric sea beds. The region has an ideal climate because of the warm air of the Adriatic Sea combining with the cool winds from the Alps.
  • This is an orange wine, meaning that this is made from white grapes, but fermented like a red wine. The wine has extensive contact on the skins (4 months) and is aged for five total years before release (2 years in barrel and 3 years in bottle).
  • Stanko Radikon is one of the pioneers of Orange wine in Friuli. His grandfather employed the technique beforehand, but Stanko truly launched the category alongside other great winemakers of Friuli like Josko Gravner.
  • The skin maceration acts as a preservative so no added sulphur is necessary.
  • Stanko has passed on much of the winemaking to his son Sasa.
  • Pair this with heartier foods, especially in the winter like the Friulians do.
Oslavje, Italy; Truly on the edge of Italian land on the Slovenian border.

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