Daily Wine 7/16/2017

Andrew Will 7 hills 02
Tart wild berries with cocoa, bell pepper, ground coffee, and savory herbs.

Daily Wine 7/16/17:

Andrew Will – Seven Hills Vineyard – Red Wine – Walla Walla Valley – 2002

  • This is a Bordeaux-style Red Blend of 62% Merlot and 38% Cabernet Sauvignon from the Walla Walla Valley in the Pacific Northwest.
  • The Walla Walla Valley overlaps into both Washington and Oregon. It has been an American Viticultural Area (AVA) since 1984.
  • TTB and State Labeling Laws requires a minimum of 75% of any varietal to allow it to be shown on the label. This is why many wines simply say “Red Blend” or the like.
  • Andrew Will Winery began in 1989 as a simple, small building. The winery is named after their nephew Andrew and son Will.
  • Their current location in Vashon, Washington has been with them since 1994.
  • About 4500 cases of wine are produced annually.
  • Winemaker and Owner: Chris Camarda
  • The goal is to explore the identity of Washington State and separate it distinctively from Calfornia and Bordeaux.
  • Pair this with beef and lamb.

Seven Hills Vineyard is no longer utilized. 

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