Daily Wine 7/14/2017

Carlisle Fava 03
A medium-bodied Zin with an elegant floral and black fruit notes backed by black pepper.

Daily Wine 7/14/17:

Carlisle – Fava Ranch – Zinfandel – Russian River Valley – 2003

  • This is 100% Zinfandel planted between 1907 and 1922 by the Fava brothers.
  • The soils are Goldridge series which are very fine, very light, and very shallow with very little water retention ability.
  • With a northeastern exposure, a powerful yet elegant Zinfandel is produced because of the vines escaping the hot afternoon sun.
  • 2004 was the final vintage produced of this wine.
  • Carlisle is owned and operated by Mike and Kendall Officer and launched in 1998. Their goal was to create small lots of distinctive, world-class wines. All of their vineyards that they initially bought were planted between 1885 and 1934.
  • Just 375 cases were produced of this wine.
  • Pair this with black pepper crusted pork.

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