Daily Wine 7/10/2017

J-F Ganevat cuvee marguerite
A rich white wine with notes of creaminess, hazelnuts, savory herbs, and baked apples.

Daily Wine 7/10/17:

Jean-François Ganevat – Cuvée Marguerite – Côtes du Jura – 2012

  • This wine is 100% Chardonnay from the Jura region of eastern France.
  • These Chardonnay vines were planted in 1902 and still produce great fruit today. The gray marl and age aid in concentrating the fruit character and developing unquestionable complexity.
  • Many of J-F’s wines are blends and are blended after fermentation.
  • Biodynamic farming practices are used to stimulate the health of the vines.
  • Whites are whole cluster fermented without any racking of the must. All go through malolactic fermentation and only a touch of sulfur is added during bottling the wine.
  • Demi-muids of 300L and 400L, as well as 228L barrels are used to age white wines and they are not released until the second summer following the harvest.
  • This winery was founded in 1650 in the green, rolling landscape of the Jura. Initially, the family supplemented their income by producing dairy for local Comté cheese until 1976.
  • Jean-François is one of the best blenders in Jura and creates a stunning number of cuvées. Only 1,700 cases are produced annually.
  • Pair with fish, poached eggs, and shellfish.
Jura, France

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