Daily Wine 6/20/2017

Sigales Santorini 15
A crisp, mineral-driven white wine with citrus, green apple, and smoke.

Daily Wine 6/20/17:

Domaine Sigalas – Santorini PDO – 2015

  • Santorini is a small island that is part of the Aegean Islands (Cyclades) region of Greece. The island, also known as Thera, is in the south Aegean Sea.
  • This wine is made from 100% Assyrtiko, which is indigineous to Santorini and is prone to oxidation. Oxidation combined with the volcanic soils of Santorini create a ‘smoky’ characteristic in the wines.
  • The vines of Santorini are pruned in a method known locally as “kouloura”, or “basket”. This is done to shield the grape clusters from the intense winds that batter the island every day.
  • Domaine Sigalas was founded in 1991 and produces and exports the most wine in Santorini.
  • A devastating eruption in the 16th century has created the nutrient-rich volcanic soils that are used today.

Santorini, Greece

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