Daily Wine 6/18/2017

Huet LHL Sec 11
A mineral driven dry white wine with green apple, lime, nectarine, and underlying herbal and honey tones.

Daily Wine 6/18/17:

Domaine Huet – Le Haut-Lieu – Sec – Vouvray – 2011

  • This wine is made from 100% Chenin Blanc and is from the Vouvray AOP in the Loire Valley of France.
  • Vouvray has an influence from both oceanic and continental climates and the Chenin Blanc thrives on the tuffeau limestone, a soft and chalky soil, that is distinct to this part of the world. Le Haut-Lieu also has marble clays.
  • Vouvray is the largest white wine region of the Touraine.
  • This wine is dry (sec), but off-dry, demi-sec, moelleux, and liquereux styles are also allowed in Vouvray.
  • Domaine Huet is biodynamically farmed and each wine maximizes the expression of the vineyard it came from.
  • Chenin Blanc has a great level of acidity and these wines can age incredibly well.
  • Le Haut-Lieu is typically harvested first.
  • Pair this dry example with salads, fish, and green vegetables.
Vouvray, France

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