Daily Wine 6/12/2017

Felton Road PN 2013
This wine has aromas of spice, leather, and dried herbs that are supported by dark fruits and delicate notes of flowers. Mouth-coating tannins.

Daily Wine 6/12/17:

Felton Road – Block 3 – Pinot Noir – Central Otago – 2013

  • This is a Pinot Noir from the South Island of New Zealand.
  • This particular wine is sourced from Felton Road’s Elms Vineyard and Block 3 generates finesse and complexity.
  • The Elms Vineyard lies on a gently sloping, north facing valley in the Bannockburn hills and the southern end of the Cromwell Basin.
  • Block 3 was planted between 1992 and 1994 and sits on only¬†Waenga soils, a very deep fine sandy loam that forms a bench on the base of hills.
  • Block 3 has some of the deepest roots of all of Felton Road’s vineyards.
  • Felton Road farms all of their vineyards biodynamically.
  • Blair Walter is the Winemaker and Mike Woldenden is the Vineyard Manager.
  • Pair this with duck, chicken, squab, and salmon.


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