Daily Wine 6/6/2017

Jakob Kuhn trocken 2015
A complex, refreshing wine with notes of lime juice, zest, stone fruits, and slightly honeyed. 

Daily Wine 6/6/17:

Peter Jakob Kühn – Jacobus – Riesling – Trocken – Rheingau – 2015

  • This winery was founded in 1786 by Jacobus Kühn and that is who this wine is in hommage to.
  • Today, the operation is in its 11th generation. Peter Jakob, his wife Angela, and their son Peter Bernhard are in charge now.
  • They are the first biodynamic producer of the Rheingau.
  • A wide range of wines are produced and today’s wine is one of the freshest in character.
  • “Trocken” = “dry”; Look for this term when shopping for dry German Riesling.
  • The Rheingau is one of the warmer growing regions due to its southern orientation. The region lies on the northern part of the Rhein River and this winery is located in Oestrich-Winkel. These villages are closer to the river on the slope and creates a microclimate suitable for botrytis.
  • Pair this with salads, mild fish, goat cheese, and raw shellfish.
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Oestrich Winkel
Oestrich-Winkel, Rheingau, Germany

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