Daily Wine 6/5/2017

Egly Ouriet Vrigny GC
Deep, refreshing, and bright with acidity. Complex and traditional.

Daily Wine 6/5/17:

Egly-Ouriet – “Les Vignes de Vrigny” – Premier Cru – Brut – Champagne – NV

  • This Champagne house was established in 1930 and has climbed to cult status.
  • Vrigny is a Premier Cru village within the Montagne de Reims region of Champagne, France.
  • This Champagne is from a single vineyard and is 100% Pinot Meunier.
  • Brut is a designation of sweetness and is the most common style produced. It can have up to 12 grams of sugar per liter, but still produces a dry wine. The elevated acidity produced by Champagne’s cool climate creates a balance with that sugar content.
  • Champagne is produced completely in the bottle it is sold in and goes through a second fermentation within that bottle. A process known as the “Traditional Method” creates the carbonation, a by-product of fermentation that is simply just captured within the bottle.
  • These wines can have 6 atmospheres of pressure within the bottle. We typically operate on 1 atmosphere of pressure.
  • Winemaker: Francis Egly.
  • The house is located in the village of Ambonnay.
Vrigny, France

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