Daily Wine 6/4/2017

Peay Les Titans 05
Aromas and flavors of deep red cherries with accents of blackberries, meat, spice, and vanilla. The tannins evident, but silky.

Daily Wine 6/4/17:

Peay Vineyards – Les Titans – Syrah – Sonoma Coast – 2005

  • This wine is made by Vanessa Wong and is 100% Syrah.
  • Les Titans (“the Giants”), refers to two enormous and ancient redwood trees left by loggers over 100 years about that flank the blocks of Syrah.
  • Peay Vineyards is located in the northwestern corner of Sonoma Coast approximately 4 miles from the Pacific Ocean near Sea Ranch.
  • The vineyard sits on Ohlson soils, a 10 million year old formation that is comprised of fine, silty sand and 20-30% clay.
  • Coastal fog and cool breezes regulate temperatures and provide a long growing season for the grapes to develop complexity, ripeness, and expression of terroir.
  • Winemaker: Vanessa Wong.
  • Winegrower: Nick Peay.
  • Everything Else: Andy Peay
Annapolis CA
Annapolis, CA


Click the photo above to learn more!

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