Daily Wine 6/2/2017

Gaja Barbaresco 2003
A combination of aromatics, structure, and ripe fruits. Lush red cherries, roses, truffles, and spices. A full-bodied palate with juicy acidity and firm tannins.

Daily Wine 6/2/17:

Gaja – Barbaresco – 2003

  • Made from 100% Nebbiolo in the Piemonte, Italy.
  • Nebbiolo makes some of Italy’s most ageworthy and complex wines, including Barbaresco and Barolo.
  • The grape has a thin skin, so it has a color similar to Pinot Noir, but has firm tannins.
  • Barbaresco requires a minimum of 26 months of aging from November 1st of the harvest year (minimum 9 months in wood). The wine, by law, cannot be released until at least January 1st of the third year following the harvest.
  • Angelo Gaja launched this winery to legendary status and has been the leader in Barberesco production since the 1960’s.
  • He pioneered the vinification of single-vineyards wines in Barbaresco. Well over fifty vineyards exist within the region.
  • Angelo’s daughter, Gaia Gaja, is involved in every aspect of the business and will eventually fully take over.
  • The family also produces Chardonnay (Gaia & Rey), Sauvignon Blanc (Alteni di Brassica), Merlot (Ca’Marcanda), Cabernet Sauvignon (Darmagi), a few Sangiovese wines from Brunello di Montalcino, Vin Santo style wines, a new venture in Sicily, and others.


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