Daily Wine 5/30/2017

Movia Sauvignon 2009
Deep golden color with a touch of residual sugar, vibrant acidity, and viscous texture. Floral, honeyed, gentle oak, bell pepper, and rich baked apples.

Daily Wine 5/30/17: 

Movia – Sauvignon – Goriška Brda – Slovenia – 2009

  • This is 100% Sauvignon Blanc that is farmed organically and then hand-harvested late. The wine ages for 18 months in French oak after undergoing malolactic fermentation in barrels. The wine is aged for another four months in the bottle before it is released.
  • Called simply “Sauvignon” in Slovenia, the grape shows more bell pepper and elderflower notes.
  • The Movia estate dates back to 1700. The Kristančič family took over in 1820 and owns over 22 hectares of land.
  • Half of their land lies on the Italian side of the Collio in Fruili-Venezia-Giulia.
  • Movia is among the most important and most frequently awarded in Southeastern Europe. They also make their own line of glassware.
  • Pair with cooked shellfish and tomatoes.
Goriška Brda, Slovenia

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