Daily Wine 5/26/2017

Bellegrave du Poujeau 2009
A full-bodied red wine with aromas and flavors of blackberries, savory herbs, spices, and leather. Tied together with silky tannins and a long finish.

Daily Wine 5/26/17: 

Château Bellegrave du Poujeau – Cru Bourgeois – Haut-Medoc – 2009

  • The estate was purchased by Jean-Pierre Cantelaube in the 1980s. He owns about four hectares (~ 10 acres) and produces about 25,000 bottles annually.
  • A Left-Bank Bordeaux blend of 60% Cabernet Sauvignon, 35% Merlot, and 5% Cabernet Franc.
  • 18 months of aging in French oak barrels containing 30% new wood.
  • Haut-Medoc is a large sector of Bordeaux’s Left-Bank (West of the Gironde River and its Garonne tributary) that holds almost all of the châteaux classified in the 1855 Classification of Bordeaux and the communes of Pauillac, Saint-Estèphe, Saint-Julien, and Margaux.
  • The 1855 Classification of Bordeaux was created by Emperor Napoleon III for the Universal Exposition in Paris. The classifications were done based on price and split into five categories (1st through 5th Growths). Napoleon III wanted this done for international exposure and only red wines were classified.
  • The Cru Bourgeois Classification was defined in 1932 for the châteaux left out of the 1855 Classification and now stands as a marker of quality.
  • This classic and savory wine harmonizes with beef, venison, and other rich meats.


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